A Message from Chris

It is with real regret that I must announce we are postponing the People’s Walk for Wildlife on November 27th. 

Since the announcement of the rail strike taking place on Saturday 26th November, we’ve done our best to reschedule the walk to the 27th and maintain momentum, excitement and numbers.

Unfortunately it’s become clear that travel on Sunday 27th will still be severely impacted by the previous day’s strikes. It means that many wildlife lovers from further afield would be unable to make it on time for the walk’s start. The strikes have also significantly impacted travel costs, meaning even those who can still travel on time are finding the costs of rail travel to be too expensive at a time many people are struggling with the cost of living. 

We’ll be rescheduling the walk to the Spring. Whilst this might feel far away, it’ll come around really fast, and it gives us some time to massively build momentum and support. We’ll be settling on a date and sharing this as soon as possible – so as to give a big build up and generate lots of excitement. 

Thank you so much for all of your support – we’re deeply saddened that we can’t go ahead with the walk as planned, you’ll hopefully find answers to any of your questions below.

Chris & The Walk for Wildlife Team


Why have you rescheduled the Walk?

After hearing lots of feedback from wildlife lovers all over the UK, it’s become clear that the rail strikes taking place on Saturday 26th November will still have a significant impact on travel on Sunday the 27th. Many people won’t be able to get to London in time for the Walk, and we want as many of you as possible to be able to join us. We stand in solidarity with the striking rail workers.

I donated to the Crowdfunder, what happens with my donation?

Thanks for your generous donation. You have two choices – you can leave the donation in the Crowdfunder, and we’ll use it for the rescheduled date of the walk or you can request a refund, details of how to do this can be found here.

I booked train/bus tickets, what can I do?

Unfortunately we do not have the budget to refund train/bus tickets. 

Will there be regional walks next year?

We will endeavour to put on walks across all four countries next year, together with a central London walk.

When will the walk be scheduled to?

We are looking at dates in the early Spring, March or April – we will update you as soon as we know. The best way to stay informed is by signing up to Chris Packham’s campaign updates mailing list below:

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